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Video Clips from Professional Panel on Play
in Wilton, Connecticut 2018
- "School" 0:00-0:54
- "Homework" 0:55-1:10
- "Dynamic Play Therapy" 1:11-2:21
- "Kids Create Their Own Narrative" 2:21-3:55
- "Reclaiming Childhood" 3:56-5:30
- "Frustrations" 5:31- 6:45
- "Parenting" 6:46-8:06

Getting to the "Heart of the Matter"

We began working with children because we had participated in raising three children in a blended family . Neal is also an adoptive parent. Later we were among the teachers of the required six hour course for all divorcing parents in Connecticut who have children under 18.

Now the broader group of young people who benefit from the work we do may display symptoms of: anxiety, mood disorders, anti social behavior, trauma, emotional and behavioral issues due to organic or neurological disorders (this includes ADD and ADHD as well as learning disabilities), phobias, attachment issues . and children with medical diagnoses that affect mood and behavior. Play therapy can be very helpful with all of the above.

As individual therapists, we first sc hedule an initial intake session with parents.  As therapy progresses,  parent sessions are generally held once each month to discuss the progress of your child.

Neal has written a chapter on his work with young people in the 2015 book "Deep Play: Exploring the Use of Depth in Psychotherapy with Children"

Younger Children

Click here to read an excerpt from Neal's Chapter in “Deep Play: “Exploring Depth in Psychotherapy with Children”

I am thinking about scared kids and scared parents. Kids who have night terrors and parents who take kids into their own adult beds to comfort them... Read More

The brightest young people are often those who experience the greatest challenges and stress.

We harness the healing power of the imagination to help children and tweens using :
Core For Kids ™ and Dynamic Play Therapy that may incorporate Sandplay , expressive arts (clay, drawing, block building, poetry or creative writing depending on your young person.)

Many times you need to go beyond talk therapy to reach a young person in an impactful way. Neal and Judy offer sessions as individual therapists for children and families.

Neal Brodsky: Embodied expressive therapy with children (Audio)

Or click here to: Read The Interview

Intergenerational Trauma

Sandplay Therapy

Please read this note for parents if you are considering having one of us work with your child.

Adolescents and Parents

"BEFORE THE CRISIS HITS" Helping Children and Families

Violence In the News

Emergence: A Tale of Two Boys

Family-Centered CORE Energetic Therapy™

College Student Mentoring

Adolescents and Parents

For more about this: "A New Approach for Family Therapy"

Core For Kids

Read Neal's reflection on working with two young clients from the 2015 book on "Deep Play" (Note: client names and identifying information altered to protect identity)

This work is about young people "centering" through a combination of talk, expressive and body-centered therapy where they can safely explore emotions and return to balance. They learn to access what we call their "Center of Right Energy" (CORE) which "grounds" them and gives them more choices, even under stress. They become less reactive and happier, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Because this approach offers multi-sensory ways of connecting with their innermost selves, young people may experience real healing and progress more than with talk therapy alone.

This holistic approach releases "blocks" and defenses that may have limited growth and change, or could limit them in future if not addressed in childhood.

Core Energetics complements dynamic play therapy wonderfully with its creativity, fun, and surprises.

Read more here on Neal's work with boys .

Unblock and channel your child's energy!

Help your young person live their potential.

*Core Energetics, founded and pioneered by John C. Pierrakos, M.D. blends body psychotherapy with development of the essential self. As children, we begin to armor against emotional wounds through chronic “holding” in the musculature. Core Energetics practice includes physical and consciousness-building activities which seek to restore balance, opening the heart to a wider range of emotional response and authentic life expression.

Neal Brodsky and Judy Gotlieb integrate Core Energetics, Family Systems Theory and Dynamic Play Therapy
to open new possibilities in the lives of young people and parents.

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