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0-2:33 How we support Couples and Families when we work as a Team

2:34-3:25 "Family Sculpting" as an approach to seeing what is under the surface

3:25-4:41 Flexible family work to support individual children, siblings, parents and/or stepparents

4:41-9:09 Working With Couples:

"Predictors" for Divorce
The importance of revealing yourself to your partner
Re-discovering the "mystery" and excitement in your relationship
Dealing with the "shadow side" of your relationship

7:34-9:09 The Full Self-expression Process for Couples


Judy and Neal work individually and together as co-therapists and mentors when schedules allow. Fifty minute, 75 minute, as well as half day or longer intensives are available.

The three “I’s”: Imperative of Investing in Intimacy in your primary relationship:

- You do not want to be alone. You will feel alone or be alone if you neglect connection with your partner.

- Not making deposits in a “love bank” you share with your partner is a ticking time bomb for your relationship. The only questions are when and how?

- You know the importance of this at a deep level, in your heart. Couples Mentoring with us shifts the dialogue to what limits your “investing acumen” (e.g. negative scripting from family or individual history) to the ways you must and can invest. Is there a better day than today to reach out for help?

Working with us as co-therapists, you benefit from the combined insights, knowledge and participation of a husband and wife therapy team. The blend of male and female perspectives typically enhances results.
We also offer
transformational experiences that integrate the mind/body connection with talk therapy to maximize benefit including
Embodied Couples Work (Exceptional Marriage Approach)

More about couples:
Step Families and Second Marriage
Tools for couples in conflict

0:19-2:22 Working with Adult Clients

Seeking change in life and building a life you love

Exploration of creative and effective ways to communicate with significant people in your life

Working through emotions such as grief, anger and fear and using skills gained in sessions to achieve greater balance and equanimity in your life

2:27-5:13 Working with Young People

Flexible use of space and methods tailored to your child's needs

"Holistic Prevention" to support young people in a sometimes difficult and dangerous world

Use of "Dynamic Play" and Core Energetics to open up "emotional space" and build
greater balance/resilience that young people can take into their lives with
family, friends, and in school.

Couples sessions are available in our offices in Wilton, Connecticut (Fairfield County) on the Upper Westside of Manhattan at 275 Central Park West (88th Street) and online through Skype and other video-enabled services.

We are long distance relationship specialists for couples living apart and specialize in:

Online support for couples including couples where one or both partners is in a different country.

Stepfamily/ blended family problems, and second marriage or other remarriage issues

Family Therapy for separation and divorce

We are open to whatever strategies are needed for couples to open up and be able to share. Sometimes a little play fighting in the sandbox goes a long way!


Hear us in an interview on our work with couples in their  second marriages from the radio show  "Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow". Scroll down to the Player below. 

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We highly recommend these books and other resources for couples to see what is possible through couples work .

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