Intergenerational Trauma

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The “Unspoken” – Children and Adults affected by Intergenerational Trauma

Repressed and unprocessed trauma often lives on in succeeding generations at a deep level. In addition to my work as a holistic therapist trained in family systems, and body psychology, this is a continuing area of interest. My practice has included a number of clients where family trauma has been passed down on either conscious or unconscious levels.

Young people affected by multi-generational trauma are brought in for treatment presenting many symptoms such as:

  • sensitive child being bullied
  • risk-seeking behavior
  • inexplicable suicidal ideation
  • unexplained aggressive outbursts
  • attention and other school issues including school avoidance
  • difficulties with independence from parents including fear of separation

Symptoms in adults have included:

  • compulsive activity masking anxiety or panic
  • numbed emotional response
  • gastric or other illness
  • relational or marital conflict
  • alcohol or drug use
  • sexual confusion or imbalance

The emotional residue of world conflict, societal chaos and hatred living on in bodies and minds, can be dealt with effectively. As called for, therapeutic work geared to building a more solid sense of safety and secure attachment within the family can include exploration and building of “emotional range” over time with younger clients and adults through talk therapy, dynamic play therapy (expressive arts, exploration of repressed emotions, fantasy and dreams.) The work is tailored to each client’s needs and often benefits from sessions and consultation from other family members.

Please feel free to schedule a session to explore how I can help if what you have read above has triggered your thoughts about someone you may know.

Neal Brodsky, LMFT

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