Collaborative Family Therapy

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When we work with children and families, we do so with all our hearts and skill. And we cannot do it alone. From you as a parent, we need your collaboration and addition of your unique loving skills to reach your child and make a true difference in his or her life.  This means that parents who send their children to one of us will be asked to attend no less than one monthly parent session while your child is working –actually playing – so hard to get to the root of why you are bringing him or her to us.

Miracles may happen here, still they do not happen overnight. Children generally work with us for at least six months to a year of weekly sessions.

Depending on your child’s needs, we may suggest the addition of visits with other practitioners to supplement and deepen the effectiveness of what we are doing to help your child. Considering your philosophy and particular family needs, we may recommend visits with other professionals for your child and/or your family. This involves expense and you need to know this as you consider working with us.

Examples have included referrals to:

Health practitioner to assess nutritional or other needs

Pediatric vision specialist to assess eye function especially for those children struggling with attention or school issues

Educational therapist to develop and help you implement a plan for how your child can turn around any academic difficulties

Al-anon, Ala-teen, Alcoholics Anonymous or other program if there is a problem with substance abuse in the family or extended family

We may also recommend couples therapy if there is conflict in a parental/primary relationship or individual therapy for one or both parents if we believe it would benefit the growth of your child.
Helping a child in pain takes time and attention.

Your child is the future of your family, the person you will leave with all you have created. Your child also has his or her own very special wishes and dreams. We are so grateful to be able to contribute to helping your child discover how to create a life filled with pleasure, joy and peace.

Today, your child is asking for help.

We know you really care.

Let’s help this child -- together.

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