About Us


We help people of all ages say "YES" to life.

Judy and Neal work individually and often work together as co-therapists for couples and some family sessions*

We offer you deep, time-tested approaches that have the power to change a life for the better at a pace that feels right.

For those in or considering life partnerships. Embodied Couples Work emphasizes productive “conflict engagement” and the power of the couple’s “shared energy field” as a springboard to personal growth.

Skilled in family systems, we can support any one within the family -- adults, young people,  parents and couples.  We also know that individuals need to differentiate from the shared energy system of the family in order to express their own essence.

* If you are a couple or family working with both of us, you will benefit from the combined insights, knowledge and participation of a husband and wife therapy team. The blend of male and female perspectives in this premium service can often enhance results.

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