Emergence A Tale Of Two Boys

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By Neal Brodsky

A Chapter from “Deep Play: “Exploring Depth in Psychotherapy with Children”, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2015. NOT RE-PRINTABLE FOR SALE

When a child is brought into the therapy room he is often the standard bearer for a family lineage in need of healing. Whether the young person’s diagnosis is related to anxiety, attention deficit, addictive or oppositional behavior, or family difficulties, we are called as therapists to “go deeper” in helping our clients face and experience what it means to assert their authentic selves while maintaining flexibility as growing humans in a shifting and uncertain world.

The interweaving of body-centered expressive movement, sand, clay, poetry, drawing and dreams comprise the canvas on which I work with children and adolescents. This chapter focuses on two cases where a combination of body-centered Core Energetics* including expressive arts and Sandplay allowed two boys to find their own channels for concrete achievement and growing independence in the context of complex and often challenging family lives. Treated separately, they shared me as their therapist and became, through their concurrent process, instruments of each other’s healing.

*Core Energetics, founded and pioneered by John C. Pierrakos, M.D. blends body psychotherapy with spiritual development. As children, we begin to armor against emotional wounds through chronic “holding” in the musculature and development of a “mask” persona. Core Energetics practice includes physical and consciousness-building activities which seek to restore each person’s "Center of Right Energy" (Core), opening the heart to a wider range of emotional response and authentic life expression. Neal Brodsky and colleagues are adapting this work for use with children and adolescents.

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