Neal Brodsky, LMFT

"Neal is an exceptionally good listener--empathetic and insightful. As a result, he repeatedly asked questions that helped me better identify, articulate and focus my efforts on understanding and addressing the most important, rather than peripheral, family issues."
~ G.S. (Client)

"Neal is a compassionate, insightful, accessible therapist who is generous and caring towards the adults, couples, and young people he works with. He is able to create a safe space for everyone in the family to open up and trust that they can share their deepest feelings."
~A. Susan Brenner, LMFT AAMFT Approved Supervisor

"Neal is one of those grownup people who walk into a room and you can feel his giant open heart and he just connects immediately with the kids in a way that is both respectful to the adult part of the kid, and kind and fatherly to the stillchild part of the kid. He has no 'need' to help them so isn't pushy, yet has no fear to jump in and try either. He is funny and nonjudgmental. You can't FIND men like him."
~ Jane Martin. Psychotherapist

Judy & Neal's Work With Couples

"Judy and Neal provide a most powerful and gentle space for healing. Their supportive styles and skills offer a unique balance that brings couples into greater awareness and deeper knowing of one another." 

Judy Gotlieb LMFT

"For five years Judy Gotlieb was my therapist, guide, and mentor through an extraordinary process of self-discovery and transformation. I was continually amazed by her presence, integrity, courage, honesty, and ability to walk with me as I delved through layers of defenses that kept me from living my life and knowing the essence of my soul. I am forever grateful for her being." 

~Phyllis B.

"I have worked with Judy individually, as a member of a women's group and as a student of Core Energetics and have always felt extremely safe, seen for who I am, and held with a deep spirit of love. I think that part of Judy's gift is her ability to hold sacred space without judgment which many times has enabled my most vulnerable places to risk opening to profound healing. What a blessing her work is to this world."

"There is a deeper place within myself -- a place of vulnerability, strength and self-love -- a place from which I can feel myself and fill myself. I found this place again in my work with Judy."
~Patricia Hamen, Licensed Counselor

"Thank you Judy for introducing the Core Energetics work. I loved it. Immediately, from when I left your office, and it’s been continual, it feels like a breathing passage opened up for me, high up in the middle of my chest. It feels like there’s a whole new airway that I’m getting oxygen and air from. It’s amazing. I just feel so much better. I feel like I’m standing a little straighter and I’m getting more oxygen and I feel more grounded and it just feels good all around."

"The process of Core Energetics gently lifts your deep inner wisdom and presents it to you: Here, it is yours. You can have it! Judy is a wise guide, partner and coach in the journey. She creates a safe container in group and individual settings where all that no longer serves you can be shed and all that is beautiful can shine. "

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