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Every action in support, however large or small will make a difference.

HERE'S A 3 MINUTE VIDEO with young people and families waiting for help in Ethiopia.

Rabbi Menachem Waldman in Israel who has led the fight to unite families and bring them to Israel says “raise as much money as you can” to support the two remaining communities in Gondar and Addis. For more see: Rabbi Waldman's book on the struggle "Longing For Zion"

In the face of grinding poverty for Jews in Ethiopia here is what we can do now.


Feeding children 4 and under:

$50,000 needed immediately to feed hungry children under the age of 4 in Gondar where the largest part of the community lives. Contribute to NACOEJ - North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry :

2000 Ethiopian Jewish children gather for summer activities at camps in Addis and the northern city of Gondar in Ethiopia which are staffed by Israeli volunteers beginning this August. These children need to eat, for some, the only full meal they will have in a day. Contribute above....

Please see below for donations to Struggle to Save Ethiopian Jewry .  Obviously even small amounts go a long way. Thanks!

Feeding children :

(i) Feeding all clinically malnourished children under 5 a second meal a day in Gondar: $80,000 (not including money currently being spent to provide one meal per day)

(ii)  Funding needed (in addition to costs in  (i) above) to provide two meals a day for all Gondar children under 5: $160,000 ($i.e. 240,000 in total additional funding.)

(iii) Feeding clinically malnourished children under 5 one meal a day in Addis: $60,000 (including start up infrastructure costs)

(iv) Feeding clinically malnourished children under 5 two meals a day in Addis: $110,000

(v)   Feeding all Addis children under 5 in addition to costs in (iii) and iv) above: $50,000 for one meal ; $100,000 for two meals

TOTAL: $510,000  (in addition to money currently provided)

Feeding pregnant women

Provide 1 meal a day to malnourished pregnant women in Gondar: $30,000

Provide 2 meals a day to malnourished pregnant women in Gondar: $60,000

Provide 1 meal a day to all pregnant women in Gondar: $54,000

Provide 2 meals a day to all pregnant women in Gondar: $108,000

Provide 1 meal a day to malnourished pregnant women in Addis: $20,000

Provide 2 meals a day to malnourished pregnant women in Addis: $40,000

Provide 1 meal a day to all pregnant women in Addis: $35,000

Provide 2 meals a day to all pregnant women in Addis: $70,000

TOTAL: $178,000

Beans for Children in Feeding Program

Estimated $16,000 to provide one half kilogram of take home beans daily  per 100 children in feeding program i.e. 500 children would cost $80,000

Link to fund programs above in this section through Struggle to Save Ethiopian Jewry.


New film by Director Ryan S. Porush tells the story of the community through the voices of two young friends, Demoze who made Aliya in 2017 and Gezahegn who made it to israel in 2019. The film will be seen at film festivals across the USA.  Contribute to the film and outreach at:


Plans are underway for a Culture & Family Reception Center which can serve as a place for advocacy and support for Ethiopian youth and families in Israel and those remaining in Ethiopia. Based at Neve Amiel, the oldest Youth Village in Israel, the Center needs a *matching grant of $165,000 to complete construction. Contact Chaim Tamler at: [email protected]

We seek funding to create videos of families and children which will be seen at the Ethiopian Family and Cultural Center. Contact Neal Brodsky at [email protected] or 203-644-3960

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* Funding originating in the United States for Neve Amiel Cultural and Family Reception Center can be made through the PEF Israel Endowment Funds (317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607 New York NY 10017) earmarked to Merchavim Neve Amiel Youth Village. All contributions made through PEF are tax deductible in the United States.

To make a contribution to Merchavim Neve Amiel Youth Village using PEF, please send us a check payable to "PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc." and note in the memo portion of the check, or include in a separate note, your recommendation that PEF should make a contribution to "Merchavim Neve Amiel Youth Village". The Neve Amiel Youth Village Tax ID Number should be included as well - ID Number (51-0097579). Any other description (such as the name of the charity) should not be included on the payee line of the check or else PEF will not accept it and will have to return the check.

For acknowledgement of contribution name and mailing address should be included in addition to the check. The minimum contribution accepted is $25.

Checks along with recommendation should be sent to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

630 Third Ave, Ste 1501

New York, NY 10017

See One Jewish Family on YouTube   


Note: Neve Amiel has been a recognised and registered not-for-profit in the State of Israel since 1952. Tax ID number in Israel is #510097579

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