Helping Families In Separation And Divorce

Keeping hearts open of vulnerable children and families during this process , is well worth the investment. When there are multiple children involved, Neal and Judy often work with individual children, bringing parents and family members in as needed.

It can be very powerful to have professional support from therapists who have experienced separation and divorce, and stepfamily dynamics with their own children.

Note: We are also online counseling specialists who provide confidential online video counseling via skype and other services for divorced, stepfamily and blended families across the United States as well as international locations around the world.

Selections from The Manual of Divorce ,
by Neal H. Brodsky

I wrote these poems one by one tracing the year in which my own divorce was completed.  You, the reader will find a familiar cast – a wife, a husband, two young children, lawyers and lovers, therapists and friends.

My intention in publishing these poems together as “The Manual of Divorce” is to create an opening for what is possible when we observe and honor the occurrences of life as guides for our own growth.  Amid the many things that happen in divorce is an opportunity to re-invent oneself and re-connect with your children.

We create and populate our world with perceptions of heroes and villains.  All the while, the still small voice within speaks softly to us of love.

WHAT TO DO WITH KIDS (For Ann Barringer Spaeth)

Take  your  kids


the  best

bookstore  you  can  find

the  one

(you  know)

with  at  least  one   table

in  the  back

where  you  can

read   to  them



you  want  to  tell

as  many  as  you  can


you  feel  you’re


burst  from

fatigue  and  joy

of  sharing







or  without


which  you  can  feed

to  visiting

cats  and  dogs.

Pet  these  cats  and  dogs

after  checking  for  rabies

and  other  communicable

pesky  stuff.

And m ake
crazy mixes of
things including   but   not   limited   to

Peer  into  the darkness  of
the  old
cardboard  raisin  tin
which  holds

then carefully

place  the  top  back  on

but  only  after
you’ve  cut  wholes
for  all  this
to  breathe  and

Leave  your   mix  for  minimum
two  days
and  forget.

Only  remembering  when  the  smell
wakes  you  in  the  night.

Pour  this  potion  of  love
into  the  toilet
and  after  stirring
to  keep  the  pipes  clear
into  the  river  of
wishes  and  dreams.



“Stop  the  minutes”

says  three  year  old Joey

watching  the  clock  on  my  wall

countdown  to  the  time  he

must  leave  me.

They  call  this  visitation

It  is  not.

It  is  child  holding

father’s  face

in  his  hands

gulping  a  last  bowl  of  cereal

car  running  in  the  driveway

mama  on   the  speaker  phone



running  late

running  scared

running  out

running  now.

Stop  the  minutes  says

three  year  old Joey.

It’s  ok

Ok  I  say.

I  want  to  pull  the  battery  from

the  clock

Stopping  time.

I  do.

Two  days  later  I

still  have

not  replaced

the  battery,

tears  welling

in  the  place

where  minutes

are  lost

and  never




Four  cedar  chairs in old back yard .

Adirondack chairs.

Five  year  old  son  Joey takes  me  out

to  play  in  my   old  backyard.

Stacking  chair  upon  chair

to  make  a  house  for  us.

Old  cedar  chairs  are  missing.

screws  to  hold  the  arms

on  to  the  body.

I  want  to  go  inside  my  old  house

to get

a  screw  driver

but  Joey is

chasing  me  around  the  chairs.

Duck.  Duck.  Goose.

Duck.  Duck.  Goose.

We  run  around  the  chairs

again  and  again

falling  to  the  ground

hugging  each  other  in  this


only  hour we will have together.

Duck.  Duck.  Goose.

Cedar  chairs  will  break.

Duck.  Duck.  Goose.

Boys  who  run



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