Neal and Judy on Video

0-2:33 How we support Couples and Families when we work as a Team

2:34-3:25 "Family Sculpting" as an approach to seeing what is under the surface

3:25-4:41 Flexible family work to support individual children, siblings, parents and/or stepparents

4:41-9:09 Working With Couples:

"Predictors" for Divorce
The importance of revealing yourself to your partner
Re-discovering the "mystery" and excitement in your relationship
Dealing with the "shadow side" of your relationship

7:34-9:09 The Full Self-expression Process for Couples

0:19-2:22 Working with Adult Clients

Seeking change in life and building a life you love

Exploration of creative and effective ways to communicate with significant people in your life

Working through emotions such as grief, anger and fear and using skills gained in sessions to achieve greater balance and equanimity in your life

2:27-5:13 Working with Young People

Flexible use of space and methods tailored to your child's needs

"Holistic Prevention" to support young people in a sometimes difficult and dangerous world

Use of "Dynamic Play" and Core Energetics to open up "emotional space" and build
greater balance/resilience that young people can take into their lives with
family, friends, and in school.

Videos by Director, Richard Mover

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