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I strive to live my own life authentically as a therapist who identifies as Jewish and serves clients of many cultures and backgrounds.

I authored a small book of poetry called "The Manual of Divorce" as well as the articles  "Finding the Lost Boys" about my practice with young people and "Finding the Sweet Spot in Second Marriage." I am especially committed that clients not be "stuck" with a diagnosis -- that powerful and positive change can happen!

As a recovery-oriented and "12 Step-friendly" therapist, I believe that support from fellowships such as Al-Anon for families and friends of those who have experienced substance issues, Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and other programs are very powerful in conjunction with therapy. One of my specialties is helping adults and children deal with the effects of drinking, drug or other addiction issues in family system. I recommend that adults explore attending Al-Anon and children over the age of 12 attend Ala-teen meetings. Please note that I am not a Drug or Alcohol Counselor. 

As a heartfelt offering, my wife and I have provided low-cost mentoring for young people who are writers and poets and attended the New York City program called Power Writers.
To Be Heard Foundation raises funds to support this program as well as the allied , the world's first and largest mobile poetry community for youth.

Clinical Fellow - American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy

Clinical Member - United States Association for Body Psychotherapy 

Certified Core Energetics Practitioner 

Certified in Embodied Couples Work (Exceptional Marriage Approach) 

Member: The Association for the Healing Power of the Imagination

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