International Skype Counseling For Couples

As online specialists, we have served a broad range of multicultural and expat clients in the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Israel, other countries in the Middle East, the Far East and Australia. We also provide counseling services in person at offices in Fairfield County Connecticut and for clients when in New York City at our Manhattan office

Do you need help with:

- communications in your marriage or a primary relationship?

- juggling work and family life?

- handling issues with your children, adolescents or other family?

Are you a couple where one or both of you are working or residing abroad? Are you living or working some or most of the time in separate locations? 

Go to our Couples section to see some video where we talk about how we work with you. 

We provide a premium service as a married couple, offering you and your significant other the combined intuitive power and knowledge of two professionals sharing more than twenty years of experience. 

Learn to use the Embodied Couples (Exceptional Marriage) Approach and Full Self Expression process which we offer.

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