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Gun Violence: Action to Save Lives

On a December morning 5 years ago in 2012, during the hour of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 20 children ages six and seven along with six teachers, I was meeting at the Newtown office of my longtime mentor and teacher in Core Energetics and body-centered psychotherapy, Joyce Livingston. Over the years that followed, Joyce and I often spoke about the events of that day, how they had galvanized my commitment as a family therapist in the healing of trauma and fired my resolve to support sane public policy that would save lives. Joyce Livingston died last week. This week, the United States Congress may vote on a bill that would allow concealed weapons to be carried across state lines and require states such as mine that have put certain restrictions in place to abide by “concealed carry” regulations of the gun carrier’s state, no matter whether those regulations are lax or non-existent.  The National Rifle Association has called this bill its top legislative priority. This week, vigils will take place across the country and call for the implementation of legislation that protects people from violence and death inflicted by guns. In Joyce Livingston’s memory, I am making a donation to the Newtown Action Alliance, a national grassroots organization formed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. The organization’s mission is to achieve the steady and continuous reduction of gun violence through legislative and cultural changes.


May we continue to act and speak and take positive action in the name of healing.


Neal H. Brodsky MPA, LMFT


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