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By Neal Brodsky LMFT
I am thinking about scared kids and scared parents. Kids who have night terrors and parents who take kids into their own adult beds to comfort them...

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On Families

By Neal Brodsky and Judy Gotlieb, LMFT's – January 2016

We have been noticing the powerful impact of family trauma and history on the functioning of individual children and on parents. As family therapists, we learned to ask someone who said she was depressed -- "Who is depressing you?"

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2015 Reflections on the Writing of "Emergence A Tale of Two Boys" - Neal Brodsky's Chapter in "Deep Play: Exploring Depth in Psychotherapy with Children"

Finding the Lost Boys 

(A Therapist talks about Teens)

By Neal Brodsky – July 2012

As a family therapist who works with boys, I have noticed a few things that may be of value to you as parents or caregivers of adolescents. To begin, I am the father of two sons, now in their twenties. For much of their lives, I was a non-custodial Dad, divorced, living separately from my sons and then remarried, bringing a step-mom and stepsister into a sometimes blended and sometimes not-so-blended family mix....

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In Grief & Hope (The Lessons of Sandy Hook)
An Addendum to "Finding The Lost Boys" 

The shootings by a young man in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre cause us to reach into our hearts to feel our grief for the victims, their families and perhaps even for the shooter himself....

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Finding the Sweet Spot in a Second Marriage 

By Neal Brodsky and Judy Gotlieb, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists

After the pain and difficulty of a previously ended marriage or relationship, many of us are searching for a more peaceful and loving place in the next. In the beginning or “Eros” stage of a relationship, we fall into what may feel like a field of flowers, delightful and intoxicating. The new partner appears as a source of what we’ve always been looking for. Yet it dawns on us at some point that this relationship will be more complicated than initially expected...

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There Are Many Paths to Success

By Jeannette Ross

Boys are often faced with challenges they are not as ably equipped to meet as girls, according to family therapist Neal Brodsky. In particular is the question of what it means to be a boy or man in our society, which is shifting. “Boys don’t usually have the same emotional fluency and ability to relate on a deeper and more supportive level, and often don’t have the same skills as girls,” he said in an interview this week...

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