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Whole Family Premium Package

We provide this package during the school year, tailored specifically to your family. This includes:

  • SESSIONS once each week tailored to your young person that supports his or her unique energy and talent. This may include mind and body-centered work to aid young people who need to self-regulate (Movement, Breathing and Mindfulness)  -- depending on the age and interests of the young person. The goal is to help build self-esteem and initiate/re-gain balance. Up to 35 sessions over the course of the year (50 minutes each in-person, by online video or phone)


  • FAMILY MAPPING with adult members of family to assess issues affecting the young person and family. Getting to know family background is profoundly important as a guide to supporting a young person. We identify both challenges and assets that affect full self-expression such as constructive and destructive family stories, parental styles and differences in discipline, sexuality, marriage, divorce, religious background, trauma, substance use, family financial and work history.  Package includes 6 sessions with adults. Young person may be brought in depending on age as the family progresses over the year.


  • PARENT MENTORING once each month over the course of the school year linked to the particular needs of each family. This is done through a combination of in-person sessions, or online video/phone sessions when distance is a factor.


  • COORDINATION WITH SCHOOL and other Professionals during the school year.


Depending on your unique situation, we may suggest the addition of visits with other professionals to supplement and deepen the effectiveness of what we are doing to help your young person. This will involve additional expenses.

Examples have included referrals to:

Health practitioner to assess dietary and nutritional imbalances

Pediatric vision specialist to assess eye function especially for those young people struggling with attention or school issues

Educational therapist to develop and help you implement a plan for how your young person can turn around any academic difficulties

Al-anon, Ala-teen, Alcoholics Anonymous or other program if there is a problem with substance abuse in the family or extended family

We may also recommend couples therapy if there is conflict in a parental/primary relationship or individual therapy for one or both parents if we believe it would benefit the growth of your young person. 

Helpful Forms

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