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Our Mission


We help people of all ages say "YES" to life.

Judy and Neal  work as solo therapists for individual sessions and as co-therapists for all couples and some family sessions. If you are a couple or family working with both of us, you will benefit from the combined insights, knowledge and participation of a husband and wife therapy team. The blend of male and female perspectives in this premium service can often enhance results.       

Core Energetics as a healing modality is effective in bridging body, mind and spirit to build individual lives filled with joy and purpose while the Embodied Couples Work(Exceptional Marriage Approach) allied with Core Energetics emphasizes productive “conflict engagement” and the power of the couple’s “shared energy field” as a springboard to personal growth.

As therapists experienced with these methods as well as family systems, we offer support to any one within the family -- child, launching teen/young adult, parent, or couple.  We honor the need of people to both draw on and differentiate from the shared, multi-generational energy system of the family in order to flower as individual human beings. 

Check out our Whole Family Premium Package.

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