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Core Energetics

"Core Energetics is a dynamic and creative way to find answers for your life, resolve burdensome issues, and get energized, focused, and grounded. It's a body-centered therapy that helps you live in the present, at one with your best and truest self."  
~Ann Bradney

Core Energetics brings together feelings and awareness using the body's energy,   Because the Core approach offers a dynamic experience of sensing emotions within the body as well as the mind, people often find that they experience healing at deeper levels than with talk therapy alone.  

As family therapists with knowledge of how family systems work, we are dedicated to helping people break through problems that may span 
multiple generations. Deciding what to bring forward from the past and what to let go at the level of body, mind and spirit is powerful for any individual and positive effects are inevitably felt within the family.

For more about this: "A New Approach for Family Therapy"

Family-Centered Core Energetics™ is about nurturing the ability to find what is felt as the CORE or "Center of Right Energy" for each individual within a family. It can help you understand, transform, and release blocks and defenses that you and others in your family have taken on from the past. This energizing work supports and builds life force and leads to greater pleasure, aliveness, and fulfillment. 

Core Energetics Map of the Personality

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