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About Neal

A Holistic Therapist specializing in #healing #play #giving voice



"Neal is a compassionate, insightful, accessible therapist who is generous and caring towards the children, young adults, and parents he works with. He is able to create a safe space for everyone in the family to open up and trust that they can share their deepest feelings."

~A. Susan Brenner, LMFT
AAMFT Approved Supervisor

"Neal is one of those grownup people who walk into a room and you can feel his giant open heart and he just connects immediately with the kids in a way that is both respectful to the adult part of the kid, and kind and fatherly to the stillchild part of the kid. He has no 'need' to help them so isn't pushy, yet has no fear to jump in and try either. He is funny and nonjudgmental. You can't FIND men like him." 

~ Jane Martin. Psychotherapist


"Neal is an exceptionally good listener--empathetic and insightful.  As a result, he repeatedly asked questions that helped me better identify, articulate and focus my efforts on understanding and addressing the most important, rather than peripheral, family issues."  

~ G.S. (Client)

Specialties include:

Therapy for Adults I started Love Life Counseling with my wife and co-therapist Judy Gotlieb with the vision to help people create lives they love. I specialize in breaking through blocks  so that clients move forward in life, addressing core issues -- at a speed you can handle.

Video on working with adults who need help below:


Therapy for Children, Tweens and Teens
Does your child need creative strategies to support him or her while undergoing changes socially, academically, and physically? Support can include body-centered methods to help a young person be more "comfortable in their own skin", Sandplay, and expressive arts that allows young people the opportunity to move through the energies of fear, grief and the pent-up anxiety and natural aggression which often accompanies difficulty, loss and change.

Background on work with young people and families:

Here's my reflection on work with two young clients
 profiled recently in a book on play therapy (names and identifying information changed)

See more on my work with fathers, sons and families.
For families with children or teens read "There Are Many Paths to Success"
an article about my practice with young people by Jeannette Ross

Video on working with young people below:



Couples Therapy - Looking for something different and powerful out of couple's therapy? I work with my wife Judy Gotlieb LMFT as a co-therapist using the "embodied couples approach" in which we are both actively involved in each session. This allows us to productively engage in issues with a balance and range of experience that may yield benefits beyond talk therapy. This premium service provides you and your significant other, access to the intuitive power and knowledge of two therapists sharing more than twenty years of professional experience. We are online mentoring specialists for couples.



I'm a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Connecticut and New York. My practice focuses on the power of expressive therapies to help adults and youth heal and grow. I hold master's degrees from Fairfield University (Marriage & Family Therapy) and New York University (from what is now the Wagner School of Public Service) and formerly taught the Connecticut Parent Education Program required for divorcing parents with children under the age of 18 while working with Jewish Family Service. I currently assist on the faculty of the Institute of Core Energetics where I have co-facilitated transformational "men's work" at training weekends.

When helping couples and families having more than one young person needing support, I work together as a co-therapist with my wife Judy Gotlieb.

I've written a chapter entiltled "Emergence: A Tale of Two Boys" for the 2015 book  "Deep Play: Exploring Depth in Psychotherapy with Children." I'm also the author of a book of poetry called
 "The Manual of Divorce" as well as the articles
"Finding the Lost Boys" about my practice with young people and "Finding the Sweet Spot in Second Marriage."

I am especially committed that clients not be stuck with a diagnosis -- that powerful and positive change can be made in one's life.  As a recovery-oriented and  "12 Step-friendly" therapist, I believe that support from fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and others are very powerful in conjunction with therapy related to issues ranging from substance use/abuse and other life challenges. I specialize in helping children deal with the effects of drinking issues in the family and recommend that children over the age of 12 attend Ala-teen meetings. Please note that I am not a Drug or Alcohol Counselor. 

As a heartfelt contribution to my community and in recognition of all I have been given, I provide low-cost mentoring for young people who are writers and poets and attended the New York City program called Power Writers and serve on the Board of the To Be Heard Foundation that raises funds to support this program as well as the allied powerpoetry.org, the world's first and largest mobile poetry community for youth.

Clinical Fellow - American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy
Clinical Member - United States Association for Body Psychotherapy
Certified Core Energetics Practitioner 
Certified in Embodied Couples Work (Exceptional Marriage Approach)
Member: The Association for the Healing Power of the Imagination 



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